Open Site

Ideal for larger, self secured items such as caravans and motor-homes, the “Open Site” option gives you the flexibility to store items that are up to 9.5m long, 3m wide, and up to 5m high. Each “Open Site” space is in a designated area that is clearly marked so you won’t have issues with the neighbours. And don’t worry – all our laneways are extra wide so backing in and out is a breeze!

Shipping Container

A shipping container provides a high level of security, flexibility and protection from the elements – after all, that’s what they were designed to do in the first place! We have over 70 shipping containers available, with some 40 foot units (~12m long) and plenty of 20 foot units (~6m long). Internally, all shipping containers are 2.35m wide and 2.39m high, meaning you can fit very large items inside (including cars and small boats). The majority of our containers are classified as ‘Class A’, meaning they are of the highest standard and would still be accepted at any port in the world.
Shipping containers have a number of inherent benefits:

  • They are very secure, being made of non corrosive Corten steel
  • All our containers have either been specially designed and built to have added ventilation, or have had this feature retro-fitted. This ensures adequate ventilation and that items are stored at a more moderate temperature whilst staying dry.
  • All our containers are carefully mounted with air space underneath them to help reduce heat build up or the possibility of water entering
  • We ensure each container is level, with a slight (2.5°) angle to help with cleaning and run off
  • All our containers are routinely cleaned externally, as well as internally when vacant
  • You also have the flexibility to install racking into containers.