Here at Port Adelaide Self Storage, our philosophy is simple. Security is number one. Our customers always remind us that their biggest concern is to ensure that their items are stored as securely as possible.We provide the following security features in order to provide you with the best security:lock-icon

  • A 24 Hour Video Monitoring System, using high definition, motion sensitive “see in the dark” infra-red cameras to record all activity in the yard.
  • All activity in the yard is recorded and monitored by a professional security company, and patrols are dispatched as soon as anything untoward is noticed.
  • Security lighting is used throughout, with night time high efficiency flood lighting across the whole yard, and motion activated lights around the gates and other areas.
  • The whole area is zoned as secure commercial, with all adjacent premises having security cameras and / or guards patrolling their perimeters.
  • We will call you in the event of any issues – you can be safe in the knowledge that someone is keeping an eye on your storage.
  • There is only one entry / exit gate, and each entry and exit is monitored and recorded.
  • All fences are over 7 feet high and are fitted with either razor or barbed wire.
  • You lock your container and you keep the key – you control who has access to your goods.


Safety is a high priority here at Port Adelaide Self Storage, and we take great care to ensure things are either up to or exceed code.<a”>safety (1)

  • All fire fighting equipment complies with SAMFS standards and is routinely checked and professionally maintained.
  • There is an emergency egress gate alongside the main gate – access can be provided by phoning the manager.
  • We have wide laneways allowing for safe and easy transportation of items throughout the yard, and making backing and hitching of trailers and caravans straight forward.
  • All our yard spaces are wide, at least 3.1m giving easy access to your caravan from the safety of your own space.
  • Our main gate is also designed to allow easy access for large vehicles.


cost_smEven without all the added safety and security on offer at Port Adelaide Self Storage, we have the most competitive rates per cubic meter in the area.

Compare how much space you get with us for your dollar with our competitors, as well as all the other convenience features.

Ease of Use

We have carefully planned the site to ensure greatest ease of use for our customers:


  • Wide driveway with easy access off a dual carriageway (Victoria Rd) makes getting in and out a snap
  • Wide laneways on site to take the hassle out of turning and backing trailers
  • We offer the flexibility of pin code entry, so your whole family or business can get access as they require
  • We offer the convenience of electronic correspondence, invoicing, and payment.
  • You lock your container and keep the key – you control who has access to your goods.
  • Storage is monthly and can be extended for as long as you need.


We respect that we are located near the sensitive Port River ecosystem, and have taken a number of steps to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal both locally and at large:recycle

  • We have created an artificial swale to collect and direct run-off rainwater and protect the local ecology
  • All gardens have been planted to ensure low water requirements whilst providing erosion resistance
  • Our lighting is all high efficiency / low power installation
  • We only use environmentally friendly herbicides and pesticides
  • Where we can’t eliminate paper usage altogether, we endeavour to use 100% recycled paper if possible.